Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is a process of converting an artwork into a stitch file that an embroidery machine can sew on an apparel to embroider any designs. The first step is to get the artwork digitized.


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Left Chest / Cap


Front T-Shirt


Jacket Back

Digitizing for Left Chest/Cap requires extra attention. Extensive care and digitizing techniques be used for digitizing the cap’s curved surface and center seam.
T-Shirt Digitizing are generally full front designs with a mid-size of 4-7 inches. We are hands-on in T-Shirt Digitizing.
Jacket back designs range from simple layouts to intricate works of art. Jacket backs especially require our digitizer’s creative efforts.
Output File
EMB, DST, PES etc.
EMB, DST, PES etc.
EMB, DST, PES etc.
Delivery time
24 hours
24 hours
24 hours

Frequently Asked Question

What are the file types that I can send you?

The file formats that you can send us is .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .ai, .eps. It is better to email .jpeg or .gif since the file size will be smaller.

After your approval and successful payment, we will email you the PDF and DST (or any other format) file.

We normally provide DST file format, but can provide any file format based on your requirement.

The turnaround time is based on the complexity of the image you send us. Normally we deliver within 24 hours. If you let us know your emergency, top priority will be given to your job.

Embroidery Digitizing Services

At DesignsIn24 we provide digitizing for apparels such as sweatshirts, denim shirts, baseball caps and hats. Whenever you see a shirt which is embroidered with a company logo or a hat with some nice quotes, always remember the design was digitized. Digitizing is always a tedious process.

Digitizing is the foundation of any great embroidery. We have an experienced team working with lot of passion to help individuals, marketing companies, embroidery shops and design firms. All our designs are compatible with all popular commercial and home embroidery machines.

At DesignsIn24 we also provide embroidery designs for garments, bags, headwear, uniform cloths and various other accessories. In any garments, we can do Monogram Logos, Custom Logo and Lettering, Patches, 3D Puff, Chenille, Sequin.

Role of Embroidery Digitizer

Whenever a new order is placed, we examine your artwork for details and exact specification. Our Embroidery digitizers will trace your artwork to create a custom stitch file. The artist plans the exact path the needle should sew when stitching. Then the artist will adjust the density of the thread, use underlay stitches and compensate for push pull factor. The digitizer will also change the stitch type as required by the artwork for better results.

Why to choose DesignsIn24(Embroidery Digitizing)?

As our name says we offer any designs in 24 hours with no extra charge and all edits will be expedited to ensure customer deadlines. We follow a four-step quality control process; all files are digitized by hand. We always work towards quality over pricing model, which is why we have a long-term relationship with all our clients.

If you ask us can you digitize any file? The answer would be Yes and No. Digitizing any artwork is 100% Possible. However, there are limitations in embroidery and that is purely based on the artwork. For example, small text, tiny details and colour gradients can sometime be difficult to reproduce in thread. So, we always suggest the customer with possible better solutions.

Our digitizers are 20 years experienced. We have 3 offices with 80+ seats in each location and we use 100% licenced Wilcom software. We have good internet connectivity which are sourced from three different providers which makes us a 100% uptime company. If you are looking for the affordable embroidery digitizing service provider, reach DesignsIn24. We also provide vector artwork service, applique digitizing, Chenille embroidery and digitizing small text.