Coloreel Embroidery Digitizing

Single coloreel uses a single thread, and inventories and stock usage are minimum leading to a sustainable environment. This also reduces wastage without reduction in the precision of the colorful art.


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Left Chest / Cap


Front T-Shirt


Jacket Back

Digitizing for Left Chest/Cap requires extra attention. Extensive care and digitizing techniques be used for digitizing the cap’s curved surface and center seam.
T-Shirt Digitizing are generally full front designs with a mid-size of 4-7 inches. We are hands-on in T-Shirt Digitizing.
Jacket back designs range from simple layouts to intricate works of art. Jacket backs especially require our digitizer’s creative efforts.
Output File
CSE, EMB, PDF etc.
CSE, EMB, PDF etc.
CSE, EMB, PDF etc.
Delivery time
24 hours
24 hours
24 hours

Frequently Asked Question

What is Coloreel?

Coloreel is a newly evolved technology, a thread coloring unit widely used in the textile industry to produce complex embroidery designs in one single thread. The operational thread speed matches the conventional embroidery machine.

The most sought technology in recent times is coloreel, which helps you accurately produce your embroidery design at a fast pace with less use of inventories.

Coloreel embroidery digitizing is the service that creates machine understanding designs with required color combinations and quality matrices so that the coloreel unit can provide the designs with the way you want.

Anything from brand embroidery to creative fabric embroidery that needs color combinations can be produced with coloreel embroidery.

The colors are unlimited and can be produced as per your requirement. We impose the right color combinations to match your needs.